Monday, January 31, 2011

A Meal of My Own

So its the end of January and just in the nick of time, I found an afternoon free to go get a lunch all by myself. It happened sort of by accident so I didnt make it to one of the fancy places in town as I had hoped. I had an eye doctor appointment that turned into an insurance change fiasco that left me out and about and no plans for an hour. So off to lunch I went.

It was prime lunch eating time and many business lunches were being had. Since it was school time, there were not many families with small children or couples to be seen. More of the working lunch crowd surrounded me. I ordered and sat with nothing to do. I did have my phone with me so I sat and read the news as I waited for my food to come out. When it did come, I went back to my table in the middle of the restaurant and began to enjoy.

I decided not to sit all the way in the back at a booth since this would be anti-social. I sat right in the middle, amongst the shmoozing crowd and people-watched and caught up on a few magazines. Unlike the movie where folks don't talking during the main event, I found this meal to be less relaxing than I had anticipated. It seemed more about the eating and the food part of the meal rather than the enjoyment of sharing a meal with someone while eating.

Perhaps if I had sat in the back, it would have been a quieter, more relaxing experience. Perhaps if I was at a upscale locale, the food would have been more enticing. But I'll take what I can get. I ate alone, I watched people chatting and working away with their laptops and blackberries and I caught up on some top entertainment stories. Mission accomplished.

I can't say that after a month of actively spending time on my own, I would be thrilled to be a loner everywhere I went but I can say I did enjoy having the freedom to go where I wanted without any accoutrements for a change. At least I don't find being alone quite as lonely as I used to. I kind of enjoyed the empowerment of making the decisions and setting aside time for me. Now a week at a day spa.... that is sounding better every day!

Stay tuned to next month where I volunteer with a professional baker in her studio to learn about the art of baking!

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