Friday, March 4, 2011

Searching for a March Home

So I have been working really hard at finding a project for March. I have completed six months of this blog project and can see the end in sight. Well actually I feel somewhat lost in the abyss of it all but knowing I am halfway there makes me feel giddy in a weird way. One that I am doing it and two and I hope I figure out enough stuff to do to fill the rest of this year.

Some ideas still on the table for the end of the year include whitewater rafting which was always planned for the spring time when the water table is decent and public speaking. The speaking gig will probably be in the form of a Dvar Torah, which in the Jewish world, is a public speaking engagement usually at the end of Shabbat services on Saturday morning in front of my entire congregation. I sort of always planned to do that right before the high holidays, as my last month of this year long adventure to talk about my year in review, goals met, fears overcome and what it feels like to reach 33. Those two are still on the table.

Thus far, I have explored three additional items for March: volunteering with animals at the aquarium in DC, bartending or shadowing a local bartender since I have no idea how to mix drinks (is it that hard?), and volunteering at a local shelter serving food or sorting clothes... whatever they could use me for when I have the time.

In terms of progress, I have spent four weeks tracking down aquarium folks, been redirected from the education department to the husbandry department which requires 100 hours and 6 months of commitment, neither of which a part time stay-at-home mom and working mom has available. Then when I mentioned the blog project and publicity, I was redirected to the PR department for further consideration. I am hoping this pans out in the future, but for this month, it isnt looking so likely.

Next, I looked into bartenders. Started contacting friends who frequent drinking establishments but most were beer only places. Found a non-profit with potential but need to find some regular time to shadow for more than one event a month type of experience. May have located something in DC but that is pending at the moment. I can update you all on that situation once I know more.

And lastly, I realized I could not and should not go a whole year sewing my royal "goal and fear" oats without volunteering at a shelter or food distribution center at some point. These organizations strive on volunteers and donations to provide for so many homeless or less fortunate folks. I realized giving back one's own community is crucial and I did locate a shelter in Montgomery County right in downtown Silver Spring that needs helping hands. I have put in a call to their volunteer coordinator and have been waiting a week to hear back. While it is a week I could have already helped out, I realize most of their staff are probably volunteers themselves and sometimes these organizations take time to return calls and solidify workers where they are needed most.

So with all these prospects on the table, I am praying that one by one, they will fill the coming months and so I will have five more months of planned activity to combine with one additional spontaneous adventure in the future. So please stay tuned, snap your fingers, think good thoughts and wish me luck having this all fall into place. I am looking to the spring and summer months with a fresh perspective and a glimmer of hope that all will work out as I continue on this path.

Oh and I forgot to mention my little man turns one next week so another milestone reached during this year of challenge. Makes this working mom yet again in awe of the mother who created me and continues to sustain my heart and soul in so many ways... I hope I am able to give him half as much as she has given me.

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