Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Word Of Thanks

During my previous visit to the florist, the owners mentioned I should come back during the busy holiday season to witness flower making in all its glory. Today was the day. I went in the morning to see the role Thanksgiving plays in the floral industry. These folks were on their feet making arranagements since seven this morning. Most of the orders were friends and families sending centerpieces to their hosts or relatives far away. Beautiful arrangements of orange and red filled the room.

I was hoping I might be able to help out this time around, actually put some flowers together. I know the floral arrangement process requires a lot of knowledge not just of flowers that go together but which vase and fillers go with what. Also, how you cut the flowers and determine which flowers are good enough matters. Some people order arrangements that specify how many roses, daisies, greens while others are just called "Autumn Splendor" and the decoration is left to the discretion of the florist. After watching folks running back and forth fulfilling orders practically bumping into one another and the sight of leftover flower stems piling high on the ground, I realized a better way to help out. I grabbed a broom and began sweeping the broken and discarded greens into large piles away from the design tables and moved them to the trash bins circling the room. People may have been too busy today to teach me how to cut a stem or train me to properly insert it into a vase for fun. So I decided it was time for me to push up my sleeves and offer assistance.

While I was sweeping the floor, I came up with a great idea. You know how they have those "make your own pizza" parties where you pay to bring a group into a restaurant and your group can assist with adding toppings or flipping the dough? They also have "paint your own pottery" parties, "frame your own picture" places and do-it-yourself cooking classes. Why don't they offer floral arrangement classes? Why not open up these closed flower shops on Sunday or one night a week and offer instructions on how to design your own floral arrangements? I am sure art schools and maybe even some local community programs offer flower classes but there is something special about being in the workspace of a florist with coolers of colors, tables and vases all around. Being in that environment makes me feel alive even if I can't design or cut the buds.

Next week I'm invited back for wreath making and even though I have never had a wreath hanging in my house, there is something enticing about learning how to make this central part of the holiday season. With all my cooking of stuffing and pumpkin pie, something was missing this holiday. When I walked into the shop and saw all the beautiful bouquets of people saying thank you to their loved ones, I was warmed and ever more ready to celebrate with my family and be thankful for all I have. I feel lucky to have this year to explore my dreams and overcome my fears. Lucky for a family that supports my project and for a job that is as flexible. I truly am blessed to be in this year of exploration and adventure. And most importantly, I feel lucky that my mother (may her memory be for a blessing) brought me into this wonderful world and inspired me to take on this project.

And with that, I will see you all in December for another monthly project in the making. This time its ballroom dance and its serious. Do you watch "Dancing with the Stars?" Well stay tuned for Dancing with the Resident. Let me end by saying "Gobble Gobble" to us all.

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