Friday, November 5, 2010

Found a Flower Shop

After much effort, I have found a flower shop in the area open to teaching me what it takes to be a florist! I called several places and most were against the notion of having a volunteer for a few days this month. Some folks were concerned about the liability issue, I suppose in the event that they give me some large bouquet to put together and I accidentally get cut by a thorn. But I was hopeful that there would be some place out there open to my project and my dream of working as a florist once I retire someday.

So alas, with help from friends, I discovered a place willing to take me on. I begin my new adventure on Tuesday so please check back with thoughts from a floral design studio in Silver Spring! Now, I think I am off to rent "Bed of Roses" or "Little Shop of Horrors" to prepare for my big day on the inside.

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