Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Last Haul

So how is it that its already June? Public speaking is behind me, thank g-d, and I am coming down to the wire. The last three months have arrived. Many have asked what I plan to do when this is all over. Will I feel relieved? Have all this free time.

So the truth is, I have given some thought to the time after. Will I write a book? Will I start doing private energy efficiency consulting for synagogues in the area? Will I just go back to my normal crazy part time work schedule during normal business hours rather than this adding in time at night and on the weekends to fit in my blog projects? Will the pressure of figuring out my life's professional goals and fears to overcome every month be lifted off me when this is all said and done?

Ive gotten pretty good (as you can see) with drafting a list of questions to answer. And maybe thats how I will spend my first month post-year 32, lets call it year 33 for the sake of this discussion, contemplating these issues. At the end of the day though, people really just want to know if I will keep blogging. And to that I can say that I believe I will. There is something therapeutic to putting down my thoughts and just releasing it into the world as they say. I dont think I can sustain a new every something per month but I can continue to let everyone into my world of balancing craziness on a string and somehow remain standing most of the time.

So for my remaining few months, I have a goal to go whitewater rafting which was supposed to take place in June, as in now, somewhere probably in West Virginia. I hear Harper's Ferry is a wonderful spot. That is, until we booked the last minute family trip to Colorado in July due to my husband's wonderful (read ridiculously frustrating) schedule change in the 9th hour. In fact, we found out about his availability on the night before we had to give final notice of our daughter's enrollment for summer camp and were luckily able to cancel the week at the last second.

Anyway once CO entered the picture, I have now started to think that Rocky Mountain rafting sounds a whole lot better. But that would be for July.... leaving me project-less for June. I do have other ideas kicking around though such as overcoming my fear of deep water. I would be fine on a cruise ship (though Ive never been) or a ferry (lots of trips there)... but the smaller canoe type or motor boats in deep water have always frightened me. Perhaps I saw JAWS too many times as a kid. That and the Perfect Storm are enough to keep me awake for hours.

So now I am trying to locate some boating options, through friends and word of mouth and schedule a few expeditions to tackle this fear. That still leaves me with the final month and I have no idea how to end this year long expedition. Good thing I have a bit more time on my hands. Speaking of time, Im off to bed but more good things are coming right around the corner---I can feel it.

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