Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Biker Chick

Tonight I got back on the bike. You know, the one without the pedals. Yep. Not up to pedal speed just yet. But I did make it outside onto the pavement this time. I would call that a step up from the hallway intro to biking of my first lesson.

This was biking 201. We went outside to experience the raw biker experience: traffic, speedbumps and hills. I can say I was a little less scared and a heck of a lot more confident that I wouldn't hit or get hit by a car. The speedbumps surprisingly were not so comfortable but the real wind in my hair---priceless.

I was able to lift my feet off the ground for a time and was told that I was actually advancing. Some might even call it riding a bike. I am hopeful that my next lesson will include both the great outdoors and pedals. Perhaps I will wear a black leather jacket and a studded necklace and become a biker chick. I guess anything is possible.

With my ongoing biking experiment and the month of October approaching, I realized that it is time to start planning ahead for my next adventure. So while the world of the bicycle will continue, its on to my fear of heights for the month of October. I have been scoping out some potential locations for my rise in altitude. I feel ready to conquer this fear as I feel like it places so many limitations on my activities. Ski lifts, roller coasters and snow shoeing are just a few of the high-life activities that interest me. I am a fan of climbing trees and a zip line sounds cool. Who doesn't want to become their own Tarzan or Jane and swing on a vine? I am not talking bungee jumping or sky diving. Sky diving, by the way, is something my husband did to celebrate graduating from medical school. I was five months pregnant with baby number 1 and I took him as a present. A present, might I add, that he had been dreaming of since we met 10 years ago.

Now its my turn to face the fear. I will keep you all updated when I secure a location and someone crazy enough to join with me on my climb. How else am I going to have a photo of my ascent to a high place? Until then however, I suppose it will be life on the ground for the next few weeks while I plan this stage of facing my fear of heights. So lay low and stay tuned.

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  1. stay on that bike...metaphorically speaking :-)